Central Unified FLL Qualifier

Team 7663 Sleuth Robotics came out to support the elementary and middle school students competing in the Central Unified FLL (FIRST Lego League) qualifier held at Glacier Point middle school. We brought out the “big” robot from Madera (thanks MadTown!) to show the younger Central students what they have look forward to building when they get to high school. For many, it was their first time getting to see an FRC robot in action. Our students didn’t come to just play, they also volunteered their time to help make the event a success. We also had the opportunity to meet Central Board Member Richard Atkins and his wife Jennifer who were serving as Core Values Judges. We were able to demonstrate the robot for them and talk about FRC and our plans for Central High. Richard was impressed with the program and excited to hear that we were based at West Campus.

Congrats to all of the Central Unified teams that qualified to compete at Central California Championships on December 15…Sleuth Robotics will be there!