The Central Valley Regional

Our team had a busy few days recently at the Central Valley Regional for FIRST Robotics on March 6-9. From passing inspection at 7:30pm Thursday night (missing practice completely), to somehow winning our first match (THE first match...with everyone watching...which was also our first time the robot EVER ran), to scoring our first ball in our last match getting selected to join the top seeded alliance of 1323 & 1678 on Saturday...and then being a part of the highest scoring match in the world of the season for a few weeks)...and then winning our first tournament with our alliance. It was a crazy few days...but we am super proud of the team and our amazing robot...not bad for a bunch of rookies!

Below is a video of our 5th quarterfinal match at the Central Valley Regional. Our Alliance scored 107 points which was the highest point total in FRC for two weeks. At the end of the match you’ll see us be a part of the first triple climb in the 2019 FRC season. It was an honor for us to be a part of alliance!

Quarterfinal 5 - 2019 Central Valley Regional Red (Teams 1678, 1323, 7663) - 107 Blue (Teams 2489, 1967, 701) - 31 Uploaded by MatchLIVE from JK Productions (c) 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition